STEVI® Vario

Complete solution, endless possibilities

The STEVI Vario is a variable, compact control valve for universal applications. It is based on a modular system, which means that the configuration is adaptable to the task at hand.

Nominal diameter   DN 15-100 / NPS ½" - 4"
Nominal pressure:   PN 16-40, ANSI 150
Body materials   EN-JL1040, EN-JS1049, 1.0619+N, 1.4408, SA216WCB, SA351CF8M
Temperature   Series 448: -10 to max 220°C (depending on the stem seal) 
Series 449: -10 to 400°C (optionally -60°C)
Kvs values       0,1 - 160m3/h
Plug design       Parabolic plug, perforated plug (optional)
Characteristic:       Equal-percentage or linear
Rangeability   50:1 (e.g. for a parabolic plug with an equal-percentage characteristic)
Leakage class   IV, optionally IV-S1 or VI
Stem seals   PTFE V-ring units, EPDM, stainless steel bellows
Actuators   Electric or pneumatic
Flow media   Cold water, hot water, saturated steam, superheated steam, gases, coolants, brine, refrigerants, heat transfer oils ...


*Compared to STEVI® Smart and STEVI® Pro


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